Our Mission:

At Navajo Mermaid Arizona, we provid everything made-to-order and on-demand. Once a product is added to the cart, we will oversee the full manufacturing process as well as the entire fulfillment cycle from checkout to delivery. Furthermore, we believes that fashion should never be cheap, disposable, anonymous, or made of poor quality. 

Our Approach:

Slow fashion is a term we use which refers to the mindful approach we take in our designs and construction of each garment made. It is our mission is to provide you, our beloved customer, with handmade designs of the highest quality and the richest materials ! And most importantly, we promise to maintain a commitment to sustainable production practices and ethically manufactured goods forever! 


Since each garment is custom made from start to finish, we please ask that you allow 2-3 weeks (at most) for your finished items to arrive to your destination.* 

Since our shoes are made in Italy, please allow 15-20 business days for your order to be shipped!


Our standard process for printing your designs is called reactive dye digital printing. First we run fabric appropriate to a given object through a digital printer. The dyes used by the printer are calibrated to adhere to that particular fabric - canvas, for example, requires different ink than nylon does. After the printing is complete we steam and wash the fabric so dyes penetrate it fully, adhering to fibers beneath the surface. This is why multiple washes won't compromise the prints on your NM objects. Only after the printing process is complete do we assemble each object individually. 

Reactive dye digital printing is environmentally friendly and efficient, and it results in a durable object - for your long term use and enjoyment. Reactive dye digital printing allows us to use natural as well as synthetic materials; sublimation printing, a more common digital printing technique, requires synthetic materials like polyester that react to heat. While this is our go-to method at Navajo Mermaid Arizona , we also have experience with many other types of printing. Upon request we can provide pricing for screen printing, dye-sublimation printing, pigment printing. 


We do offer bulk discounts on purchases starting at 20 pieces of a design! Most wholesale orders take roughly 4 weeks to complete. We will provide tracking info for all wholesale orders once they have shipped. We can deliver your wholesale order to anywhere in the world! However, we do not offer distribution for orders made in bulk. 

Before pursuing a wholesale order, we highly recommend ordering a sample of your design. We do offer complimentary sampling. Simply, contact us for a copy of our current season’s lookbook and we will provide you with a copy free! Once you receive and confirm the sample, you can place the wholesale order just like that! We will subtract the cost of one sample from your wholesale order.

Please email us at info@navajomermaid.com with any other questions and further inquires! Thank you

Custom Orders:

For any personalized "one-of-one" you wish to add to any of our products, please feel to email us at: customs@navajomermaid.com. We also have special products for museums and arts organizations. Please contact us for additional information.